Meet Rosalya

First of all, thank you so much for making it this far! I am are so honored that you are here. 

My name is Rosalya (row-sah-lee-ah) and I have had the privilege of putting this platform together. Though there is much to get to know about me what's most important is my passion for freedom in God and people. Two years ago my life was absolutely transformed by understanding that I am loved and the value I bring to the world through Jesus and the purpose I have during my time here. And my goal is for you to know that you are fully loved just as you are, valued, and have a unique purpose over your life. I want to break the expectation of perfection when choosing to follow Jesus and this space is so we can talk about all that in a raw and honest way.


About GUSH

GUSH as a noun is defined as "an unrestrained expression of emotion", this is a space for just that. We are shamelessly honest and real, you struggle, you triumph and you are not alone in it. We are here for you girl! This a true community, we are here to pray with you sis, support you, celebrate you and encourage you in every step of the way.