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Girl, Catch this Vision

Have you ever had a moment in life where you just couldn’t see?

Maybe, you were caught in a storm while driving on a road. #Florida

Maybe, everything around you seemed bleak and impossible. Spiritual blindness.

Or it's just been a season where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe you pulled a Velma and dropped your actual glasses. Me constantly. Thank the Lord for contacts, amen.

Hopefully, you have a mini idea in your mind of a time where this has happened to you.

Whatever the case is, it can be a scary place to be. It’s in these moments where I truly realize and gain a gratitude for sight.

So, the question I’ve been thinking on is this: How do I move forward without sight?

There is a really real time in my life that I can think of at this moment - March 2018. A month before, I was walking out of service when someone on the prayer team stopped me and said, “Can I pray with you?” Her following words inspired me: “You are going to break generational curses in your family.” Then painted a vision of the family God had for me. I could see so clearly. I had unexplainable hope.

Then the next month came. Tragedy hit our family. That weekend, I didn’t know it but I would lose contact with my step family of 7 years. It felt like it happened faster than a blink. I was so angry. I was hurt. I had a hole in my heart. I found myself asking “God, you said you cared about family.” I went from “how could you,” to really giving up on the idea of having a family of my own.

But, the scariest thing was this: I could no longer see.

That picture my friend painted that Sunday afternoon was buried somewhere, and I couldn’t find it.

During those days, I would ask God for sight. I would ask him to show me a sign, a signal. Like the smoke signals they used to use for long distance communication. Anything. To just show me healthy families, to bring restoration to my own. I wanted to see it so bad.

Looking back on those moments, I have come to realize something profound about our God. I had been asking for what I wanted - sight, but God knew I needed something so much greater.

Perhaps I had been asking God for sight, when he actually wanted to give me VISION.

Walk with me for a moment.

One of the greatest humans of all time, Helen Keller, once said, “ The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

The Bible even says, “When there is no clear prophetic vision, people quickly wander astray.” and continues “But when you follow the revelation of the Word, heaven’s bliss fills your soul." TPT

So, if you're sitting alone and can’t see a way out today, I want to give you hope. What you see is not all that there is. Heaven is throwing a party today for you. There’s a seat at the table for you. What a special thing.

Sometimes on my hard days, I just sit, pray and think about being at that table with all of my brothers and sisters, and it fils me with energy to take one more step forward.

And sister, the fact that you chose to keep going today, shows me something amazing about you. You’ve got FAITH. Even when you can’t see it. And man, can our GOD work with even the smallest seed of faith!

Look at what he says about it - “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)” and “we walk by faith not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7) “for who hopes for what he already sees?." (Romans 8:24).

The Bible calls us to have FAITH.

Faith sees beyond. Faith says I can’t see it right now, but man I BELIEVE it.

So today I just want to help you catch a few visions:

What do you see, when you look at yourself? Do you see a girl lacking in followers and fitness or do you see a Queen, a daughter knitted by the King? Girl, catch the vision.

What do you see, when you see your empty bank account? Do you see the poverty or do you see the talents in your bag and the miracle God's working in your heart? Girl, catch the vision.

What do you see, when you see people hurting around the world? Do you see hopelessness or can you see God breaking chains and villages of people dancing and singing? Girl, catch the vision.

Vision goes beyond sight. In fact, I may venture to say that, vision is one thing you can see when you can’t see anything at all.

I believe that there are quite a few ways to find vision for your life but I’d like to focus on 4 that I saw while reading scripture, and that have worked in my life:

  1. Study - the Bible talks about meditating on the Word day and night. There’s a reason for that. God wants to invite us into his story. We get the opportunity to learn about what he’s done, his character, and his great plan when we read and study the word.

  2. Sit - One of my favorite things Mary did was sit at the feet of Jesus in Luke 10. It goes on to say that what she received would not be taken away. That’s what happens when we sit with God, he shares special things with us that he wants us to have.

  3. Surrender - With a thorn in your eye, it is hard for you to see. God needs some room to work in your life. What do you need to lay down today? Burdens, beliefs, baggage? We can’t pick up all the things he has for us when we're holding on to all of our things. Lord, we want your vision for our life and not our own plans.

  4. Serve - serving from a posture of knowing we are fully loved does something to us. Some of the most impactful experiences in my life were when I went to serve abroad. I started realizing there was an entire world beyond the one that I had seen. Serving doesn’t just impact others, it changes us.

So what do you do with this new information + vision?

  1. Write it down - Habakkuk says "write these things down on tablets." Lord knows we forget everything. That’s why he even puts rainbows in the sky for us to remember his covenant. Write it down. Write down what the Lord speaks to you and shows you.

  2. Wait on the Lord - those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. I once heard it said that you can’t manufacture a miracle. Wait on God. He will open doors and prepare you so that all you’ll need to do is walk through. You may be so tempted to start building on your own, but wait on him to bless the blueprint and maybe even bring it to fruition in a different way than you expected or imagined.

  3. Worship - thank him now for what he’s going to do. In hopeful anticipation. I’m thanking him for making you and bringing you to this page to read these words. Thank him for restoring your family, for breaking curses through your obedience, for building that business, for blessing that book, for healing your heart, for bringing you into community … whatever it may be: praise him now for it. That’s faith.

I want to leave you with just this one idea. The next time you can’t see more than 1 step in front of you, remember this simple thing:

A vessel with a vision walks in victory.

Girl, I pray you get a vision today. Hold it close in your heart. It’s a special gift. When you’re in Christ, what you see is not all there is.

Daughter, there is so much more for you.

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