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Why is Daydreaming so hard?

I have a love and hate relationship with my emotions, I love that I am genuinely caring and that I genuinely can relate to other people in their emotions, which helps me help them and be there for them best. What I hate is the deep rooted fear I have for hope in some areas of my life, I am sure it comes from being disappointed and hurt , but man, I dream so big in all areas of my life, including love, but I am so afraid to dream sometimes. Why em I so hurt or afraid, or dare I say it, desperate? Is that it?

Why couldn’t I have the person that I have in my head, why can’t I be bold when I deeply desire to, why is it that insecurity arises only when I need confidence the most. I’m sure I am not the only that goes through this.

Someone asked a question in social media about why people were so fast to quit, to give up, to let go, of dreams or relationships. And I really do believe is because deep down we don’t believe in happy endings, we don’t believe in ourselves enough, we do not believe we’ll actually ever have a real and healthy relationship.

I believe in all those things, and we have to fight our minds past it, past the negative thoughts our brain may want to bring up, because hope matters. Because believing for the best and not settling, matters. It matters to believe that even though you have divorce is your family, that you will fight not to, and that you will find someone that will be willing to fight with you. That if anyone in your family is fighting through substance abuse, they can get clean, and so can you fight not to fall in that same temptation. That if your family never knew how to manage money and maybe you lacked, don’t be afraid to genuinely believe that you will learn and teach your children as well.

Hope matters.

Hope is the only think that will get you past the hardest of times, hold on to hope, hold on to the image of breakthrough for yourself and your family, hold on to the image of your dream, let yourself dream and dream big. Well for one, because why not. Second, no one can dream for you and trust me when I say, your unique dreams matter. They make a difference in this world, your perspective is needed. And if it’s a healthy and genuine relationship you hope for, your children and theirs will thank you for fighting and waiting for the one dreamed for.

Let’s dream past our emotions, past our fears and dare to ask “ Why not me? “, “Why not my family?”, “Why not my children?” Why not fight to believe into action, into making it happen?”.



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